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August 25, 2009 at 22:43 (1)

I received the following email today from Csilla, who works for my Hungarian publishers. She had just seen the movie:

Dear Darren,

We’ve just seen IT!  And it’s quite good.

It was a preview for journalists working for monthly magazines and the distributor company invited me to tell some words about you and the books. And I took 3 colleagues with me.

Our art director, who is a fan of yours (although being a grandmother) said it was a good mix of the 1st 3 books, it was  exciting to the suitable extent, not horrific in a disgusting way,  all in all almost perfect.

My other colleague, who doesn’t like books of this kind very much (but must read them as she is the proofreader) says it’s much better than she thought it would be.

Gábor says it’s better than the Harry Potter films.

As for me in the 1st 15 minutes I thought my own film that had been made by my imagination when reading the book was better, but then something happened and I started liking it.

I’m not particularly keen on spiders so for me it’s a bonus that Madame Octa looks like a colourful toy. Although I know the fans might not agree with me. And the boy who plays Darren is really handsome.

I was very pleased to see that Csilla and her associates’ reactions mirrored my own!! I think it’s very hard, when you’re as close to a work as I am to my books, to view an adaptation of it the same way that other people will view it. After my positive report yesterday, I started to worry — what if other people didn’t see it the way I did? What if everybody else hated it?!? This email has helped put my mind at rest, and makes me think that this film really does have a chance of pleasing a lot of people, in a lot of different countries, the way my books have done. It’s not a faithful, straightforward adaptation of the books, but it creates its own world from the bones of my stories, and on its own terms I think it works admirably. Csilla and co think the same. And I’m hoping you guys will too in a couple of month’s time…


  1. Robbie said,

    Great blog Darren Shan. Glad to hear more positive stuff about the movie. Hope it is good. Keep up the good work and write more soon please!!!

  2. Kathryn Winstanley said,

    Hi Darren.

    The movie sounds really good, and the trailer looks great! It’ll be interesting to see what the movies like, I’m looking forward to seeing it! And I’m glad you liked it.. It must have being amazing to see some of your books made into a film!

    Take care, Darren!

    From your big fan, Kathryn.

  3. Marv gatehouse said,

    I saw the trailer for your film and it looks great i knew it would be ever since you posted it on shanvill! I cant wait for Hells Heros to come out I’m really looking forward to read it i bet it will be fantastic!

    see ya

    Your nummber 1 fan, Marv 😉

  4. ALC said,

    i dont think the movie is any good, i totally plan to watch it because i love ur books but its so different,
    why are the characters so old?
    why is the scar on Mr.Crepsley’s face so short? it looks like a Vampaneze mark
    Mr. Crepsley is 2 round i thought he was suppose to be tall and lean
    Darren is a half vampire right? He’s not suppose to have super spit
    and why why why is madam octa blue and red?

    your books was awesome you should have picked the cast and wrote the script then it would have been an awesome movie also

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