Pretty Good Dane

August 22, 2009 at 17:52 (1)

On Friday I did some editing of the manuscript for the American version of Procession of the Dead, which is coming out next year. They haven’t really changed anything, fans in the States will be pleased to learn — but, because of a mix-up between our computers, there were some technical errors which I’m in the process of fixing — no italics showed up, or chapter breaks, so I’m having to go back through a printed copy of the book and mark up the missing bits on the manuscript!!! Technology is wonderful — until it goes wrong!!

I went to see a film called Moon at the cinema. A bit slow to get going, but interesting once it did. That night Bas and I went to see a new production of Hamlet up the West End, starring Jude Law. I was dubious when I first heard that he was going to be playing the Great Dane, but to be fair, he did a really good job. The rest of the cast were fine too, and it was a nicely designed set, so kudos all around. My only gripe is about the play itself — it’s so damn long!!!! I know it’s hailed by critics as the greatest play ever, and I’ve seen several versions of it and always enjoyed it — but, come on, in all honesty, Bill Shakespeare’s reputation aside, it could do with some trimming down, couldn’t it?!? Times have changed over the last 400 years. Back when the play was written, people had nothing else to do at night, so it made sense to write long plays, as that was their only form of entertainment. Now we’re spoilt for choice — movies, books, the internet, music, etc. I think if Master Will was alive and writing today, he’d bring his plays in at about the 2 hour mark, even the great tragedies — he was nothing else in his own time if not a crowd-pleaser, and I think he’d be very conscious of the different, shorter attention span of today’s average theatre-goer. Of course, if you tell that to the theatre luvvies and critics, and suggest they cut his plays down, they’ll stone you, so I suppose I’ll just have to carry on suffering the long versions… *sigh*

Today Bas and I went to visit her brother, Justin, and his kids. We took his two boys, Luca and Daniel, to their local park, and had a fun hour playing with them. Now we’re off to see a musical, Hello Dolly, in one of my favourite London theatres — the outdoors Regents Park Theatre. Then, after that, at midnight UK time, I take to the Plinth in Trafalgar Square for my hour in the spotlight!!! I’m going to be reading a mixture of old favourites, less performed extracts, and probably one or two scenes which I’ve never done before anywhere else!!!!! Don’t miss it!!!!! You can watch live (or view it afterwards on the Plinthers section of the site, Week 7, Sunday, 12.00am) by clicking on this link:


  1. Robbie said,

    Very good blog. Hope you do well on the reading. Keep up the good work and write more soon please!!!

  2. Alex said,

    I’m looking forward to watching you on the plinth. I haven’t been to one of your events yet so it will be enjoyable to hear you reading out extracts. Shame i can’t be standing in the crowd.

    Can’t wait for Hell’s Heroes, write again soon!

  3. M.J.R. said,

    Heyyy Darren!
    I was wondering, if I’m not able to listen to the Plinth thing live on Saturday, and I live in the States, will it be possible to listen to it on a later date?

  4. Rajdeep Dhadwal said,

    Are you going to watch District 9 any time soon? My brother watched it and said it was good, I haven’t seen it yet although I’d like to.

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