Plinth, and Edinburgh Part 3

August 20, 2009 at 23:06 (1)

I’ll sum up the last of my Edinburgh experience a bit further down, but first some very exciting news!! I was on my way down to London from Edinburgh on the train when my phone rang and I was asked if I wanted to take a place on the 4th Plinth in Trafalgar Square, as part of the Anthony Gormley One & Other installation, on Saturday at midnight!!! For those who don’t know, the 4th Plinth is a plinth in one of the corners of Trafalgar Square in London, on which works of art are placed. For three months this summer, the sculptor Anthony Gormley has taken over the plinth, and he has put a different person on it, every hour of the day and night, to talk about anything they wish to discuss, or do anything else that they wish to do (as long as it’s decent, of course!!). It has caused quite a big stir — thousands of people have turned up to watch the volunteers, and footage regularly appears on the web and TV.

I will be appearing at midnight, Saturday 22nd August, finishing at 01.00 on Sunday 23rd August. i.e. the end of Saturday night, London time (7.00p.m. to 8.00p.m. New York time). I will be reading from my books, chatting about myself, my career, the film, and whatever else I can squeeze in. I know it’s late notice, and a very late appearance, but if any of you are in London and free at midnight on Saturday 22nd, it would be great to see you there for what is probably my most unusual appearance in 10 years of touring!!! The event is also going to be screened LIVE on the internet, so as far as I’m aware, fans in other countries can watch it too, as and when it happens!! To see what I get up to in my allotted hour, click on the following link for the One & Other site:
Now, back to Edinburgh…
We went to see a musical version of te TV show, The A-Team in the afternoon, which was mildly amusing, but very amateurish. Everything after that, though, was top-notch! We spent the night in the Assembly on the Mound, one of my favourite venues in Edinburgh. First we saw the comedian, Jason Byrne, who was on great form — I’ve seen him before, and there aren’t many better than him on a good night! Then we went to see a singer called Camille O’Sullivan. She was absolutely amazing!!! She sings very dark, moody songs, but brings a quirky, uplifting twist to things too. If the world was due to end at midnight, I’d want to spend my last hour listening to Camille singing and putting on a show — then I could leave this realm a happy man!!! We finished the night, and our Edinburgh trip, with Stand Up For Freedom, a show in aid of Amnesty International, featuring a variety of stand-up comedians, including John Bishop, Sarah Mllican, Phil Nichol and Steven K Amos. We went to bed tired but happy, then got up this morning and caught the train down to London.

But that wasn’t quite the end of our festival — we had booked to see a short show called Otsoko outdoors at the National. A 50 minute pice of experimental theatre, it felt very much like a Fringe show, the only real difference being that we could walk back home to our own flat afterwards!!

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  1. Robbie said,

    Cool blog. Might look to see you live then. Glad you enjoyed Edinburgh Darren Shan. Keep up the good work and write more soon please!!!!

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